Margot_BioMargot’s passion for working with youth and families stems back to her days at overnight camp.  Shaped by the traditions and relationships that are created in a camp setting, Margot turned in her city life for a different pace and a new direction.
After growing up and attending college in the Midwest, Margot set her eyes on the West coast, working in advertising in San Diego.  She brought her talents and yearning to be closer to her sister to Boston, where she set up shop for three years, working in advertising, print media and outdoor sales and education.  Missing the feeling of connectedness, she left Boston for New Hampshire to pursue a master’s degree in Recreation Administration at the University of New Hampshire.

Upon her arrival to New Hampshire, she paired her schooling with a very rewarding job at Shortridge Academy, a coed emotional growth boarding school among the forests and lakes of the state.  Initially spending her evenings and weekends there offering recreation activities and overseeing the general day to day needs, Margot expanded her position upon completion of graduate school by becoming a counselor on campus.  She took her passions for recreation and her knowledge of relationship building to work with teens and families in uniting under common bonds, accepting differences and understanding conflict resolution.  Using a nature based philosophy, combined with traditional measures for emotional growth, her work with the students and their families mended relationships, inspired new friendships and allowed the youth and families to seek a fresh start.

Her work in recreation carried her to Newburyport Youth Services (NYS) as the Assistant Director.  As a city department, NYS provides programming for youth of all ages, as well as families.  In addition, the department is also comprised of The BEACON Coalition, funded by the Drug Free Communities grant that supports education for youth and families around substance abuse prevention, positive youth development and the 40 Developmental Assets.

While carrying out her position in Newburyport, Margot completed a certificate program at the University of New Hampshire in Coaching Children and Teens.  With the completion of her certificate, Margot is now supporting youth and families in developing healthy and balanced lifestyles. Life coaching can include goal setting, creating schedules, establishing study habits, understanding tendencies and so much more.